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The versatile, fast-acting solution to bleeding injuries designed for EMS providers.

  • Works independent of the patient’s clotting cascade
  • Even clots hypothermic blood
  • Non-allergenic14
  • Highest observed survival rates in US DoD tests5,12
  • Safe and not mineral based; no non-degrading mineral ingredients (kaolin, smectite, or zeolite)


Millions of Americans take anti-platelet drug Aspirin regularly and 18.1 %13 of the population aged 65 or over take oral anticoagulants, affecting the body’s complex clotting cascade. Mineral based hemostatic agents work by accelerating part of the clotting cascade and this approach may be less effective if the rest of the cascade does not function normally. However this is not the case with Celox which works independently of the body’s clotting mechanism.

Celox EMS Multi-Pad

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