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More Tactical Badassery From Mossberg

I touched on Mossberg's new creations a couple of weeks back but I want you to take a look at this!!! More more I dove into this rifle the more I loved it. What is it?



Now the one that caught my eye is in the MVP series, being that I am a huge fan of 6.5 Creedmoor, it is the one I am talking about. So let's just start from Left to Right and dive into the specs from there!!

#27962 (Model)

Luth-AR Adjustable Stock LBA Adjustable Trigger (Adjustable from 3 to 7lbs) Magpul MOE, 10rnd PMAG 20 MOA top Picatinny Rail, with the scalloped bolt handle M-Lok Mounting System. 24" Medium Bull

The MVP Precision rifle will accept both M1A/M14 and AR10/SR25-style magazines. This MVP can deliver sub-MOA accuracy at 1000 yards and beyond.

Now it has an 11 round capacity and over is 43 1/2 inches long. The only negative I found was it the heaviest out of all 14 models at 10 pounds!! Yikes!

Standards 1:8 twist with an aluminum chassis, finishing it out with a black anodized finish.

And wouldn't you know it is the most expensive as well out of the 14 models, just my luck at an MSRP of $1407.00

But good to know that because I am a dealer, I am authorized to give a 10% discount right off the bat saving a 140.70 from Mossberg, lol he every little bit helps!

Now an overview of what Mossberg is doing with the 6.5 Creedmoor,

Mossberg is now chambering fourteen of their bolt-action rifles in 6.5mm Creedmoor; widely-popular with both target shooters and hunters for its flat-shooting, long-range ballistics, on-game performance, and low recoil. Mossberg is offering four 6.5mm Creedmoor rifles from its highly-innovative MVP Series – the MVP LC (Light Chassis), MVP LR (Long Range), MVP Predator and the newly-released MVP Precision bolt-action rifles and ten rifles from its classic bolt-action hunting line – the Patriot Revere; Patriot Predator; Patriot Cerakote®; Patriot Walnut and Patriot Synthetic versions which are also available in two scoped combo versions; and Patriot Synthetic Super Bantam Scoped Combo. All 6.5mm Creedmoor rifles feature a 1:8 twist rate, 5R rifling with 20 or 22-inch barrel length on most models (excluding MVP Precision and Patriot Revere rifles which have 24-inch barrels); and Mossberg’s user-adjustable Lightning Bolt Action™ (LBA™) Trigger System that delivers a crisp, creep-free trigger pull. And for ease of adding a suppressor or muzzle brake, five of the models feature a threaded barrel (5/8”-24 threads per inch) with protective thread cap included. (

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